I’m overwhelmed at the excitement about this new product! While developing the New Moon Ritual Kits, the very first of a series of products special thanks goes out to these two ladies.

Bevin Deiters, an amazing astrologer, helped guide me in understanding how each astrological sign governs a specific astrological house and the archetypal energy of each of those houses. From this understanding I was able to craft new moon rituals that would harness the power of each astrological house in which moon became new. If you want an amazing natal chart reading or would like to learn more about astrology, contact Bevin. She can read a chart like a maestro can read a musical score.

Rika Futamura is a scent alchemist and the proprietor of Life San Francisco, a wonderful purveyor of Fine Fragrances and Gifts. I fell in love with Life’s amazing assortment of in-house oils and incense and would regularly stock up on her “Love” incense. When I was looking for incense for my kits that was high quality, hand-made, and sophisticated smelling, Life was the only option for me. Rika was so generous in getting me my first bulk order of her newest frangrence called Rosewood for these first 50 kits!

Thank you Bevin and Rika for your support in this first kit!

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