Celebrating Death to Celebrate Life

Today is a beautiful annual Mexican tradition/ritual, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) where friends and families gather to honor and remember their loved ones that have passed. Today also happens to be a few days short of the 7 month anniversary of my dad's...

Lighting a candle for the dying

It’s now been 17 days since my dad has been bed ridden. The flurry of family has waned and now it’s mostly my mom and I taking turns to rush to my dad when ever we hear a rustle through the baby monitor, that my cousin let us borrow or the frantic tapping of the desk...

The Goodbye Jar

I asked my dad to write down the things he always wanted to tell me or my mom and to fold them up and seal them in the jar. I promised that I would not read them until it was time. I told him that I wanted something to hold when I missed him after he was gone.

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