6 steps to creating a ritual

Rituals are simply a set of tasks that you do to create space and celebrate for a particular purpose. Humans of all religious and spiritual backgrounds have been creating rituals since the dawn of time. There are no absolute right or wrong ways to perform a ritual, as...

How to flow when you can’t meditate

A huge part of setting intentions and creating rituals is meditating. Yes, I know. Meditating is hard and it’s not for everyone! Have you ever read through instructions or sat through a guided meditation and they ask you to take 10 breaths and concentrate on your...

8 steps to throw a New Moon Ritual party

It’s Party and ritual time! Server your guests or instruct them to make themselves at home. Keep your eye on the time so that you can lead everyone in the ritual. You have an active role as the ritual leader. Be sure you review the ritual before hand so that you can give step by step instructions to everyone and answer any questions your guests may have.

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