As the very first Bliss Kits come to fruition, oh, there were so many lessons to be learned. Rather than take each of these mistakes as slaps on the wrist, I’m grateful to learn from them now. There will be many more lessons learned and all the feedback I’ve been getting is spurring new and improved ideas for future kits!

Editors and Spell Check

No matter how many times you review it and even if you get other people to look at it, I think it’s good to have 3 people copy edit and spell check. More often than not, the most glaring mistake goes unnoticed! Luckily only 50 of these were printed. So, if you get one, of these… please laugh with me. Yes, I know there’s a misspelling.

Calling Printers for Special Customizations

After I got all the pens printed and chose silver ink to go with the clip of the pens, I inquired about other pens that could have a special Pantone color to match the copper foil of the matches. The support person let me know that I could have customized the pens I ordered with the Pantone color I wanted for only $20 extra dollars. How I wish I knew that before I ordered it. Well, at least I know now. Silver isn’t so bad but it would have been much more lovely to match the matches.

Calling Printers for Ensuring Back/Front Alignment

Hang tags are a bit tricky for printers. And just because your proof looks ok on their online proofing tool, the results may not be what you expect depending on the printer and how the printers machines are set up to print. I ordered square cards where I would rotate them 45 degrees to do a diamond shaped hang tag. What I thought was aligned on the back wasn’t. After calling the printer, they assured me that this is a common mishap as their printers print in a way that hang tags on the vertical axis or 45 degrees like mine can sometimes not align. A simple call to verify alignment with the printer would negate this problem. The people at the printers were very nice and reordered and over nighted the order to me for no cost! Gotta love

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