Girls Night In Ideas - New Moon Ritual Party

Ladies (and men in touch with their feminine side)!

Looking for new ideas for that Girls Night? Tired of the same old bars, the same sushi restaurants (well, maybe not tired but your wallet is tired) the same old same old? Time for a new idea.

Throw a New Moon Party!

For two or more of your favorite people. Me and my bestie love to get together to grab a sushi dinner, go to yoga or just discuss astrology (she’s a professional astrologer) But lately we’ve been getting together to celebrate the New Moon and perform our New Moon Rituals.

New Moon Party Energy

The energy of the moon is very feminine and when women get together the group dynamic makes this energy super charged. New moons are perfect for setting intentions, I like to call this planting seeds. And as a group, when you share your energy and your intentions you wish to plant, you hold each other accountable and amazing things are bound to sprout.

Even if it’s just you and your bestie, you can set intentions together and have fun.

How You Can Throw a New Moon Party for Girls Night In

You just need:

  1. clutter-free space where everyone can gather
  2. candle or incense to burn
  3. theme for the ritual (need ideas? download a ritual)
  4. pencil and paper for doodling or journaling
  5. food and drink to share and ground your group in the experience
  6. open mind
  7. grateful heart

Well March 20 is the next New Moon and on a Friday night no less, perfect for a party.

Need ideas on a ritual? Get the Instant Download the March 2015 New Moon Ritual for only $1.99.

Or, download the entire year of rituals for only $10.

OR go big and purchase the New Moon Ritual Kit which has everything you need to perform your ritual for only $25 plus shipping.

Have fun and share with me your experience below.

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