Full moons are great times to release things that are no longer serving you. Often when you feel stuck and the things you are intending are not coming to you, maybe you need to make room and release things so there is space for new thing.

I love to release things on Full Moons. Especially worries and doubts. I take little pieces of paper and write down all the things I want to release.

Leo Energy – Pride

And with the Full Moon in Leo, the Leo energy is proud, confident and powerful. What is holding me back in terms of my own confidence? It’s time to say goodbye to all these de-powering beliefs.

  • Goodbye doubts
  • Goodbye fears
  • Goodbye worry
  • Goodbye stress about a project not being good enough
  • Goodbye unachievable expectations from certain people

What can you say goodbye to this Full Moon?

Next full moon ritual

In preparation for next full moon, write your worries each evening before bed on little pieces of paper. Save them to burn on the next full moon!

Bliss Kiss,

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