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Why Rituals?

We perform rituals all the time whether or not we are aware. To celebrate turning of the seasons, birthdays and unions, and to honor lives and events. Rituals are simply a series of activities in which you instill intent and energy into your action. This intent and energy then transforms simple actions into transformative celebrations. With I want to help you instill energy and intent into your daily tasks to transform them into triumphs worthy of your celebration!

  • Fun 100%
  • Intent 60%
  • Gratitude 80%
  • Generosity 80%

Leslie Founder

Raised by a superstitious Catholic grandmother, a Jewish mother, and a Buddhist dad, I was surrounded by the traditions of many faiths. During the holidays, the homes in which I celebrated were filled with Christmas trees, Menorahs  and the New Year’s good luck mochi and citrus. I’ve always been drawn to a myriad of healing arts from yoga, to West African shamans, to western Astrology, Feng Shui … the list is endless. As a child, instead of having to choose one faith, I created my own unique blend and as I became my own person I went out searching for the meaning behind all these faiths, to me, I call this Universal Love. While I am not a healing arts professional, I have again blended my favorites from all my experiences to create I’m happy to provide you direction in creating your own rituals and to refer you to many of the wonderful healing artists in my life. Please enjoy these ritual kits and let me know if there is a ritual for which you crave.

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