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1. Decide who to invite

A group of 8 people is perfect for an intimate New Moon Ritual party. Not everyone has to “believe” in rituals or the power of the new moon. It’s nice to have a mix of people who believe, who don’t know if they believe, family, friends, special work associates, even children! I like to invite various people who may not yet know each other but whom I’d like to connect. In my New Moon Ritual party I invited my yoga teacher and her 1-year old daughter, my photographer friend/client and her teenaged daughter, my best friend/astrologer, another friend/real estate agent, and my friend/artist/astrologer.

2. Select a Day or Night Ritual

Decide if you want a day-time ritual or a night-time ritual. Often the day of the week will determine when most of your guests will be free. If you have a day ritual, an afternoon tea or brunch is delightful. If you have a night-time ritual, girls night in would be super fun with cocktails and appetizers. Even though the new moon was on Wednesday, I invited a group that work for themselves so they were able to join for a quick lunch in the middle of the day!

3. Invite your group

2 weeks before the new moon (most likely on the full moon) invite your friends.  Create a special invitation, hand written if you’re so inclined, or use a fun online platform such as paperlesspost.com. Schedule 90 minutes for the party: 60 minutes to socialize, eat and get late comers in the door and the last 30 minutes to perform the ritual. Be sure to ask your guests to bring a journal in which they can write their new moon intentions.

4. Plan your menu

Decide on what you want to serve. Are you having a light lunch, tea, brunch, or potluck. 3 light dishes is perfect for a quick and easy meal or snack you can put together. For the February in Aquarius/cusp Pisces brunch I served roasted potatoes with truffle oil, beet/lentil/arugula salad along with some smoked salmon. A couple of bottles of Pelegrino on each side of the table too. I wanted to serve fish to honor the new moon entering Pisces. The earthy the potatoes were served to help us manifest our intentions.

5. Collect Ritual Items

I like to buy flowers for the occasion and decorate the space so that my guests feel special. Review the ritual to see if you need any special items in addition to the incense, extra pencils and paper. We needed glasses for water for this ritual. I like to arrange everything like an offering so it looks as if guests are receiving gifts – as they are!

6. Create Space

An hour before your guests arrive, energetically create the space. Burn sage in the party area to remove any heavy energy and if you have sweet wood, burn that after the sage to then bring in positive energy. If you’re like me, you’ll instantly be able to feel the difference after you burn the sage.

7. Have fun!

It’s Party and ritual time! Server your guests or instruct them to make themselves at home. Keep your eye on the time so that you can lead everyone in the ritual. You have an active role as the ritual leader. Be sure you review the ritual before hand so that you can give step by step instructions to everyone and answer any questions your guests may have.

8. Share your intentions

At the end of the ritual, remind your guests that they have all entered a sacred pact and that what you have created that day belongs to just your group. While they can go out and share their experience with others, please do not share other’s intentions unless individual guests have indicated they want their intentions shared with others. Have everyone speak aloud and share their intentions with the rest of the group. When we say aloud our intentions, we are declaring them to the universe and giving them more power to become reality. Because you are sharing your intentions with your entire group, everyone’s intentions become that much more powerful.

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Order a digital download now of the next new moon

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