If you’re like me, sometimes you go through your daily grind without any direction and are left feeling drained because you do not feel connected to your true purpose or meaning. Maybe you feel, “why am I even here?” For me, this feeling comes and goes. I’ll have really good phases in my life where I feel my feet are planted on the right path in my life’s journey and other times I feel I’m just a lost wonderer with no purpose.

In the last few years I’ve created a regular, often daily, ritual practice that has really helped me align myself to my path and has eased my angst when I’m feeling, “what am I doing!?” And this is to create a regular ritual practice.

Regular ritual practice

Rituals are a set of steps that you do to create space for a particular purpose. And rituals, regardless of your religious or spiritual background are a set of tasks that humans have been doing since the dawn of time. There are no really right or wrong ways to perform a ritual, as long as your intention is good. Rituals can be short or long, performed by yourself or with others. You can have different rituals for daily practice and other rituals for annual celebrations, even rituals that happen once a lifetime!

How to Use Rituals to Create Purpose and Meaning

Rituals add purpose and meaning to your life by creating spiritual, mental, and emotional space in your life. By regularly performing a ritual with a good intent to create space and peace in your life, it’s amazing at how quickly you can turn a harried mind to a focused mind set on your intention. For a while on my journey, I felt I had no purpose or meaning, and it felt awful. In these dark times, I set my intention to “walk on the path of my true purpose in life.” My answers didn’t come immediately, and sometimes my answers flicker, but I do now feel that I walk on the path of my true purpose.

Reason 1 to create ritual: Stop from our busy-ness

Often we are unproductive because we do not give ourselves permission to just be, to stop all that we are doing. By stopping, we create space mentally, emotionally and physically to just be. This space is hugely important. Who wants to feel constricted in life? This space creates a bubble where magic can happen. We need to create space for beautiful events, people and things to come into our lives. We need to stop, even for just a minute to make this space. It’s an amazing feeling when in the middle of the day, you stop for 60 seconds, amidst your task list of a million tasks, then restart again – you feel like you have gained an extra hour in productivity.

Reason 2 to create ritual: Reflect and look inward

When you have stopped, you are able to assess how you are feeling right now. Do you feel scattered and unfocused? Are you fully present in your actions? Do you feel stuck in the hamster wheel of doing? By reflecting and and looking with ourselves, we gain a better understanding of where we are, where we are stuck and where we need to bring attention.

Reason 3 to create ritual: Connect with the spiritual world

Who is your spiritual guide? It really can be any One (or several) Maybe Mother Nature, the Universe, Jesus, Durga, or your spirit animal or favorite Archangel. Please call upon them to ask for help in your intention, or express your gratitude for their assistance with a past goal. Or simply ask them to pave your journey with blessings and opportunities. Another beautiful gesture is when you ask for help, spend a bit of time listening to hear if they have an immediate answer for you. This can be shocking at first, or you may think your mind is playing tricks on you, but use an open heart and an open mind to accept what they have to say and if it has any alignment with your current state.

Reason 4 to create ritual: Celebrate and express gratitude

The best way to celebrate is to express gratitude and share this with others. No matter how down you feel there is always something to find in yourself, your family, community, earthly seasons, astrological events to celebrate and express gratitude. For example, Halloween is quickly approaching, and it’s a time to celebrate the change of seasons, to celebrate loved ones that have passed, to celebrate a bountiful harvest, or to celebrate the joy of imagination by dressing up for the holiday. You can choose to celebrate what ever you want and you can express gratitude by simply stating “thank you for this wonderful time in my life, spent with these wonderful people, on this beautiful day” You already know this, a grateful mind is an abundant mind.

Create a Ritual Now

You can get started right now to create ritual, make that commitment. Decide on what kind of ritual you can do now, might I suggest a daily morning ritual, just 1 minute? Before you grab your cup of coffee or tea, take a nice stretch, STOP to create space in your morning, REFLECT and look inward, what kind of day do you want to create today? CONNECT with the spiritual world by asking for help in accomplishing your intention, and thank the spirits for their help. CELEBRATE yourself and the day you are about to embark for the wonderful opportunities about to present themselves. Thank yourself and the Universe for all of your many blessings.
And if you are looking for something more structured, take a look at our New Moon and Full Moon Ritual Kits. Each kit includes proven ritual steps that will align yourself with the moon energy to create transformation in your life! These rituals are fun and easy to complete, and make fun activities for girls nights, parties and even gifts!

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