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3rd Edition - 2017

Everything you need to harness the New Moon energy to get unstuck and create your enchanted life.

Customize & find your super new moon

Personalize your rituals depending on your sun or rising sign.

New design

Beautiful new galaxy design in the full spectrum of the rainbow.

Ideas for new moon parties and circles

Perfect for girls nights, brunches and get togethers.

Updated rituals

Updated and perfected rituals customized for the powerful new moon energy.

Fun & easy to do

Get ready to dream big, set intentions and take action to grow!

Preorder your 2017 New Moon Ritual Kits

2017 New Moon Wish and Ritual Kits

This 2017 New Moon Ritual Kit is the third edition and has everything you need to harness the New Moon energy to get unstuck and create your enchanted life.

Pre-Order Yours Today!

Preorder now the perfect gift for the woman who loves astrology, meditates regularly, or anyone who wants to improve their life. New moon intentions and rituals!

Preorder will end on December 1 (the day after the next new moon) and the kits will go up to $32. Preorders now will ship on December 1, 2016.

Coming soon: 2017 New Moon Ritual Kits

Sign up to be the first to pre order the 2017 New Moon Ritual Kits. I am now designing the new rituals and 2017 is going to be a fantastic year!

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How to use the 2015 New Moon Ritual Kit

I just got my Bliss Kit. I love it! It is beautiful and absolutely special. So excited for the January new moon!

Bevin D.

Astrologer, Bevin Deiters Astrology

I am looking forward to the coming New Moon so that I can use your wonderful new Bliss kit! One thing for sure about the Bliss Kit…the incense has a lovely fragrance. Just putting it on my altar in anticipation of the new moon as been a delight for my sense of smell! Great concept…love it!

Deborah T.

Healer & Artist, In Her Image Studio

The ritual kit is great! Love the idea and what perfect timing. A wonderful routine to start the new year.

Madelyn M.

Speaker & Career Coach, Activate Your Career Dreams

This document ( digital version of the paper articles in the physical kit) is a very well written, thought out, organized document filled with information about the astrological transits for the new moon! It guides your new moon wishes, and makes them more laser focus! The best part, she has an Action tip a/k/a “Do Now” that really advocates what one should do on their part to manifest their wish into the physical! Kudos BlissKit Co! I will be incorporating my use of oracle/tarot cards and prayer in this ritual! 😉

Danielle H.

Certified Business Coach, The Coaching Parlour

I’m looking forward to using my new 2015 New Moon Ritual Kit and practicing some inner zen. Lord knows I need it right now with cold and my career change. I often feel out of sync which makes me less confident. I need my mojo back. And I LOVE the scent of the incense.

Laurie D.

Nursing School Student

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